My profile is of an Innovation Manager, where I'm always scouting the technology markets for what's new in order to see its applicability where I am working at.

Lately my focus has been Deep Learning, Big Data, Robotics, and Genomics. With AI, I have focused on Deep Learning, as I see much potential with that technology. To that end, I have been using Jupyter Notebook, Mahout, H2O, etc

In Big Data, I developed scripts for Mahout, Hadoop, Spark, Flink, etc, I have tested and studied distributions (Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks)

With Robotics, I am programming my drones and Arduino boards with new capabilities and better interaction.

Finally, with genomics, I worked with comparative genomics using tools such as H2O in order to find promising DNA strands

I have 4 books published on technology and I am a professor at the EAE Business School in Madrid.

You can see some of my projects at

On a more corporate level, I have a long experience with IT sales (>US$1M) for mostly large enterprises, interacting with the sales people to find new opportunities and offer innovative and unthough of solutions.

I work only through my company Synthetic Data (

My servers at home

Here, the servers serving this page

What you see is being served by a 3-server rack with a 12-disk HD array I have at my home.

Why, you say? So I can experiment with new technologies in a full bare metal enviroment: a much more realistic and hands on experience than a cloud or a virtual OS in a laptop

In fact, on Big Data, I have MapR installed with Spark, Hadoop, Solr, Kafka, etc. On AI, I have Mahout and H2O. On BDs, I have Couchbase as NOSQL and MySQL as SQL. Plus other AI tools I'll talk about below.

This assures to anyone who requires my services that I am fully aware of all the new technologies and that I can respond to something others would need months of paid courses as usually happens.

In fact, I pride myself of being an autodidact. And, to be honest, I've always preferred to hire people with this level of thinking.

Check out my book on Big Data at Amazon


Master’s degree Computer Engineering University of South Florida (USA) 1990-1992

I am invited to speak on topics such as Big Data, Genomics, IT, etc. Some examples:
1 – Produtrak - Using machine learning to recognize products at the disposal site (Ukraine, November 2018) -
2 – Big Data applied to the new BIS banking rules for the EU (Ukraine, September 2017) -
3 – Genomics and Big Data (London, 2016) -

Courses (as professor)
1 – EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial (Spain) -

Books published
1 - E-Commerce: Marketing na Internet - Published in 1998 in Brazil when the internet was barely starting
2 - Propaganda e Midia Digital - Published in 2000 on digital advertising
3 - Big Data - Hands-on manual A no-nonsense approach at big data


25 Years Experience

I have held positions in UK, Spain, Brazil, and USA, and actually lived in over 10 countries. This allows me to adapt to different environments.

Banco Sabadell (Spain)

Big Data Consultant

- Hired through my company Synthetic Data to develop a Big Data strategy for the bank, especially in the area of Analytics and Machine Learning

Big Data Project Leader

Hired to propose a Big Data infrastructure for Correos HQ in Madrid, which currently has none.
To this end, identified an initial bottleneck due to a multithreaded java software interconnecting IBM MQ and Teradata through XML files.
Developed a POC using python over pymqi and teradata libraries to directly connect both ends totally avoiding the XML files, and currently studying how to run it either on Spark of (preferably) in Flink.
Another possible improvement would be to use Cython, which would implement C++ libraries and thus speed up execution tenfold
Banco Santander (Spain)

IOT / AI Manager

Hired for the Real Time sector of the Serenity project at Isban, which is Banco Santander’s IT arm and responsible for all IT projects in the bank.
- Developed an IOT system which counted on real time the amount of people at the banks branches. To this end, developed a script in Python which ran on a Raspberry PI 3 computer, employing OpenCV and Numpy AI libraries to identify faces, count then, and send the number to a Kafka server in JSON format. From then, another system developed in Angular would update in real time the amount of people at branches at a Google Map, and a number of dashboards developed in Kibana would show useful metrics on country, area, branch, date, etc
- Started development of diverse scripts in the ADN360 project of Santander, which is a platform to effective eliminate the use of IBM Host systems changing it for a Big Data platform. This system captures data from Host in EBCDIC mode using a MQ Server, passes it to Flume and Kafka, then to Spark Streaming. It stores finally the data in MongoDB, and indexes it in ElasticSearch. Researched on the possibility of moving the data directly from IBM MQ Server to the Spark Streaming server, reducing latencies and thus preventing data losses.
Mercedes Benz (Germany)

Big Data Project Leader

Hired to work in Daimler's Big Data effort in Munich alongside german company Woodmark, to oversee a development team.
- Initial analysis of the company's Big Data system and recommendation to implement Cloudera, softwares in Java or Python, and streaming
- Developed POC which was able to import data from several sources such as HDFS, HBase, etc to a continously running platform in Spark Streaming. This platform would then function as a "roundabout", receiving data from multiple java softwares, processing that data, and resending it to other java softwares also attached
GFI Informatique (Spain)

Big Data Strategist

French IT consulting group with >19K employees Hired as a Big Data Strategist to bring in new ideas for GFI customers on the use of Big Data tools and techniques.
- Able to bring into as partners companies MapR, Hortonworks, Lenovo, and NVIDIA, this last one concretely as a provider of high-end AI platforms thanks to its multiGPU architecture based servers.
- Participated in projects such as:
1 - Big Data platform for a Spain's government institution against cybercrime.
2 - IOT network for Spain's major national park in order to keep track of environmental changes (temperature, humidity, contamination, etc)
3 - Customer product recommendation system for a major airport retail chain, where the system would learn from past sales in order to suggest products for customers from different cultures.
4 - Hospital entry prevention system. To this end, was able to obtain Spain's government entire DB of hospital entries to study the chances of the pacient returning to the hospital.
Telefónica (Spain)

BI Architect

 Hired to work as BI Architect for Telefonica's Big Data area at the HQ in Madrid to bring in new ideas and technologies to their Big Data system.
- Identified several problems in their Big Data system and reported them to upper management which in turn reported to the CEO Cesar Alierta, like for example:
1 – The Big Data framework implemented. Recommended Cloudera
2 – The systems developed. Recommended using Storm to gather realtime data.
3 – The programming model. Recommended 3rd generation (Spark)
4 – The Big Data team. Recommended changes in methodology, reporting, and architecture.
Alkol Biotech (UK)


– 2010-2015 (UK) Biotechnology & Genomics research company
- Responsible for all IT decisions of the company, choosing architectures, hiring personnel, leading teams, etc.
- Responsible for the development of a Big Data system from the ground up, implementing servers, softwares, development, etc. Since the company had no funds for a distribution such as Cloudera, had to implement the system manually. To this end, used Hadoop, Spark, H2O, ADAM, BLAST, and several other tools regularly used in the genomics space.

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